Bilster Plaster consist of a semipermeable polyurethame film coated with hydrocolloid an a release paper. Blister Plasters are used for acute and chronic small wounds e. g. blisters. They protect the wound, prevent from friction, and reduce pain at the affected area. Blister Plasters are permeable to water vapor but impermeable to exudates and microorganisms. They provide an optimal wound healing environment.

Hydrocolloid Patch

Hydrocolloid Patch is an ultra-thin patch used for the treatment of Herpes, Acne, or small wounds.

Patches are individually pouched and come in a card box or plastic box with card loop. Individual sizes, layout, or packaging configurations are available upon request.

·         Protective, hardly visible hydrocolloid cover

·         Reduces risk of further infection

·         Absorbs exudate and pus

·         Supports wound healing

·         Pain relief                                                                                                                                                

·         Laboratory approved skin compatibility 

Therapeutic Heat

Therapeutic Heat products are self-heating devices which contain activated carbon and iron powder. Upon exposure to oxygen the devices are activated and start to warm up.

Therapeutic Heat products include non-irritating patches for direct skin application. These patches provide constant and long-lasting heat to soothe and comfort sore aching muscles. Therapeutic Heat products are Flexible on the skin to allow free movement at good adherence.

Thermo-Therapy is a common medical treatment to soothe muscular pain. It is especially used for rehabilitation purposes in case of musculoskeletal system diseases, e. g. chronicle pain of muscles in the area of shoulders, back or neck. In such cases heat treatment improves blood circulation and supports the muscle relaxation.

Therapeutic Heat products are certified as medical devices class II a.