Intravenous Catheter

Intravenous Catheter – The sterile single use PTFE catheter for intravenous access to the human blood circulation System. The Intravenous Catheter is a closed single use peripheral polytetrafl uoroethylene [PTFE] catheter system for intravenous access to the human blood circulation system. It is indicated for post-surgical use or in medical emergencies for multiple injections of fluids, medication and for multiple blood aspiration. The Intravenous Catheter is available in three configurations – as pencil type or in combination with flexible wings and a re-closable injection port. The even catheter-wall thickness and smooth precision tip provide excellent sliding characteristics to ensure an atraumatic insertion. The Intravenous Catheters are colour coded according to ISO regulations and are equipped with embedded x-ray contrast lines for ideal visibility in postinsertion processes. Each catheter system is equipped with a Luer lock fitting and a flash back chamber.